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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


As no two bodies are alike, no two massages should ever be alike.

We are all different with different needs.

Swedish Massage - delivers long fluid strokes with muscle kneading for relaxation and removal of toxins. Deep Tissue,Trigger Point and Myofascial Release will be used as required. As no two bodies are alike,no two massages are the same. Pressure is light to medium. Remember a massage does not need to "hurt" to be effective.

60-minutes $70.

3 - 60 minute sessions $165.00

90 - minutes $90.00



Back,Neck and Shoulders - This treatment will specifically target the areas that typically carry and hold our daily stress. Come in for a quick but very relaxing experience. 30 minutes. $35.00


Gentle Touch  - Specifically designed for the elderly or individuals recovering from or in the midst of serious illness/chemotherapy. This would include a hand/arm and foot massage. In some cases a light scalp massage.The benefits of massage for this population is invaluable.

30mins $25



Reiki Healing - Reiki healing is a non invasive touch, which is quite often performed through clothing. Reiki can bring relief for most any ailment. The degree to which it is received will vary from appointment to appointment ,from issue to issue.Reiki is very subjective. Reiki can be used for anything,from a common bee sting or to ease the pain/inflammation of sprains/strains. It can quell a queasy stomach and bring calmness to a headache. You will feel refreshed after a Reiki session, and insomnia will not be an issue. Call for additional information.

30mins $35 


Chakra Balancing - How do you know if your chakras need balancing?  You may feel "off" physically or emotionally, but can't quite put your finger on it. Maybe a little foggy too. Each chakra will have its own set of characteristics. Call for more information.

$80.00 including crystals 


Chair Massage -   Boost morale and reduce stress and tension for you and your staff with on site massages. Your staff can enjoy 10,15,or 20 minute sessions . Call for additional information

$1 minute


Add On Services -

  Peppermint Scalp Massage - enjoy a stimulating, yet relaxing scalp massage. The peppermint essential oil is wonderful to help ease the misery of sinus issues and stave off a migraine. This is not recommended if you are in the midst of a migraine.

10mins $10.


Dry Brushing-  Don't underestimate this simple,yet very effective treatment. In addition to sloughing away dead skin cells,your circulatory system will become enhanced, resulting in improved blood flow,faster release of toxins and your skin will feel tighter.

10mins $10.


Reiki Massage- why not add a little extra energy and healing to your massage. Interested, call for more details.



Custom Made Aromatherapy - Lotions or roll on applicators made for your specific needs. 

Roll On - 5.00

Lotion - 2 OZ $5.50

                   4 OZ $8.00


Choose from the following blends: Soothing lavender,  Good Morning Sunshine ( citrus blend ), Peppermint,  Ticket to Paradise ( Jasmine/Lime)  .  And anything else that speaks to your spirit!!





















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