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About the Practitioner


Robin Nilsson is an accredited LMBT and received her education at Miller-Motte College, in Cary,N.C.

For many years Robin  spent her time as a hospice volunteer,specializing in vigil care.  It was here she learned the power that a simple touch has, and the comfort it could bring to another human being.  

This was the motivation behind Robin obtaining her degree in massage therapy and more recently obtaining her Master/Teacher degree in Reiki.

Robin believes in the benefits of massage, from providing an individual with a better night's sleep, to giving a client a respite from pain, to decreasing the effects of depression and anxiety, so much more.

Robin moved to NC from Vancouver, Canada in 2004. In her spare time Robin likes to bake, spend time with her family, create art and read.  She and her husband, Mark, have four children, one beautiful granddaughter, and her constant companion, her pooch Rex.

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